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Hi. This is me...

Graham Herbert

My passion is photography... not just the 'taking' but the 'making' of an image....

The finding...  the seeing...  the creating...  the printing...  the mounting...  the framing...

I discovered my passion, many years ago, while at Maidstone College of Art – photography was part of my Graphic Design BA hons. course. This was a time of film and hand held light meters. Of developing in the dark ...and of chemicals, enlargers and photo-paper. Now, the film is a digital processor & memory card – the chemicals & dark room has been replaced by editing software and an Apple computer, but the thrill of capturing the image is still the same (but the processing is a bit more comfortable).

My special love is the observation and capture of a moment in time – be it LANDSCAPE, SEASCAPE, PEOPLE or ANIMALS. I get a 'buzz' out of big skies, moody clouds, crashing waves, textures, colour (and no colour)... and most of all, playing with light.


My goal is to create an image that evokes a reaction – a smile, a frown, a question, a sense of ease ...or unease? I like breaking the established photographic 'rules' – it feels good, and it's allowed as long as you know which 'rules' to break! Always questioning. Always learning. Always trying something new...

Contact Me

T: 01305 889440

M: 07774 815919


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